Welcome! I Gotta Floggin BLOG!

Someone else said it first, but those words have been stuck in me head for some time. I want to make something of it, at the very least a little flog where I can share myself outside of my day-to-day constraints, who knows where it could go from there. Maybe I need to start a church so I can do bad things and use that old excuse that a “Higher being” “Told me to do it”, more likely I will use it to praise a few of my favorite things that rotate. Like bicycle wheels. Any one that knows me knows I am into bikes. I want to talk about bikes, tell people about bikes, be bikes.

But there are other diversions. I like pinball for example, another pastime involving rotating masses. And motorcycles, I have two right now. And cars. Yea, as much as I think that bicycles are the solution to all the world’s problems, a red-blooded American boy can’t go through life with out liken some sweet machines now can he? Then there’s skateboards and motorcycles. And let’s not forget billiards, ping-pong and Bocce. Might get into those subjects as well.

But the biggest rotating mass is that big blue ball we’re all sitting on, planet earth. Now I ain’t gonna get all preachy on ya, but this place does hold a warm spot in my heart for sure. And I might want to leave something for my young one after I have personally burned up all the fossil fools with my V-10 powered Hot Rod.

There ya have it.

I urge you to worship at the church of your choice, whatever day of the week suits your fancy.

Father Maurice

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